Team Builders Bonus


Executives can earn the top tier in the Team Builders Bonus for up to 2 years! See the updated table below


Dates: 1 Jan – 30 June 2024

Like wellbeing, transformations don’t happen overnight. It takes perseverance and dedication. The Team Builders Bonus allows you to earn on all Customer purchases down to your 4PET for up to 365 days from their join date. 

Plus, there’s no limit to the Team Builders Bonuses you can earn! The more your Customers order, the more you earn.  

Use the below shareables and slide deck to help your team!

How It Works

  1. Enrol 2 new Customers with 100 QV+ on Subscription Rewards throughout the Commission Month. (Customer Referral Program enrolments are excluded.)
  2. Maintain paid-as Consultant or higher throughout the Commission Month to earn in the Team Builders Bonus from Customer orders within the first 90 days from their join date.
  3. Maintain paid-as Manager or higher throughout the Commission Month to earn in the Team Builders Bonus from Customer orders 91–365 days from their join date.  
  4. Elevate to Executive: Maintain paid-as Executive throughout the Commission Month to increase your bonus rate from on Customer orders placed 91-365 days from their join date.

Optimise your potential to earn in this bonus by not only adding to your team but training them to grow as well. It’s the ripple effect of success! 

As you can see, helping your Customers improve their wellbeing with Isagenix products over the long haul is where you can maximise your bonus potential. 


Simply put: Rank advancing and helping Customers long-term PAYS. 

How It Benefits You

  • NEW! Earn 10% of BV on 1PET enrollment initial orders*
  • Earn on BV from Customer orders 
  • Open to ALL Consultants and above (not limited to higher ranks) 
  • No limit on Team Builders Bonuses you can earn 
  • Encourages full team participation 
  • Earn on Customer orders and reorders for an entire year 

Go ALL IN on this flexible, generous bonus opportunity! Remember, the secret to maximising the Team Builders Bonus is twofold: Consistency + Time. 

*This new addition will appear on commission statements by the end of the March commission month and will be backdated to account for any earnings from the beginning of the commission month, February 26, 2024.


A: 4PET refers to the first 4 levels on your personally enrolled team