Product Introduction Rewards

If you have been using Isagenix products and experiencing results, you may have noticed people starting to ask you what you’re doing differently. In this case, sharing Isagenix can come naturally, as you recommend the products to friends and family who have similar health goals to you.

New Member Form

This new enrollment form will help you document your new prospect’s enrollment information!

Who Do You Know List

Know anyone who wants better health, more freedom or even a little more money? This sheet will help you create your initial list of friends, business contacts and others to share Isagenix with so you can kick-start your Isagenix business. Know that of all the people you contact, about 10-20 percent might become your partners in Isagenix. This means if you contact 100 people, 10-20 may join you!

New Member Checklist

Keep this document handy when talking to prospects! The New Member Checklist will help guide you through all the actionable steps you need to know to set your new member up for success.

Do Script

After they check out, follow up! Ask if they’re ready to get started. Here’s how.

Say Script

We’re taking the guesswork out of starting your first post, text or call with a potential Customer about Isagenix. Get started with these tried-and-true scripts created by some of our most successful leaders.
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