Reward By Design; A program that recognizes and rewards your enrolments and personally enroled rank advancements, offering a pathway to exciting incentives and exclusive benefits.

Dive into luxury fashion that turns heads, harness cutting-edge tech, and seize the dream getaway you’ve always craved.

This is more than rewards – it’s a chance to design your lifestyle.

How It Works

1 September at 2:01PM AEST – 1 December at 3:59PM AEDT.


Enrolments and Consultants

Enrol NEW members on 100QV or more and develop NEW Personally Enroled Consultants to unlock your earning potential. 

*You must enrol a minimum of 8 NEW members and personally develop a minimum of 2 NEW Consultants to qualify for this promotion.


Bonus Opportunities

Once you have qualified for the minimum Tier 1 level, any NEW personally developed Managers, Directors or Executives will add to your prize value.


Reward By Design is exactly how the name suggests. Once the promotion period has closed, your earnings will be calculated based on your enrolments and rank advancements. You will have the opportunity to design your own reward by selecting a prize from the below categories.

Travel & Experiences

Dreaming of a holiday? Choose a voucher to the value of your prize won for one of the following brands.


Red Balloon

Everything New Zealand


Looking for some relaxation? Choose one of the following Biohacking gifts!

LightStim: LED Light Therapy Wand (Valued at $400)

Theragun Smart Goggles Eye Mask (Valued at $300)

Home Ice Bath (Valued at $800)

Theragun PRO – 4th Generation (Valued at $700)

Day Spa Experience to the value of your prize won (At establishment of your choosing)


Have your eye on the latest and greatest piece of technology? Choose a voucher from one of the following brands to the value of your prize won.





What about that piece of luxury clothing or jewelry you’ve always wanted? Choose a voucher from one of the following brands to the value of your prize won.


Michael Kors


Dolce & Gabana




Frequently Asked Questions

No. All associates will automatically be in the running based on their business activity. There is no need to register.

No, you must be an Associate to participate. You can convert your account at any time during the promotion to start earning rewards.

This promotion is only open for ANZ Associates to participate. International enrolments do count towards this promotion.

Unfortunately there is no Back Office reporting for this promotion. However, we have provided a downloadable tracking sheet which you can access at the top of this page.