5-Star Depth Bonus

28 December 2020-27 June 2021

Introducing the 5-Star Depth Bonus  Together We Achieve More

As the saying goes: If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. That’s the mindset behind this brand-new bonus where success is built on teamwork 

With the 5-Star Depth Bonusleaders can earn up to $25,000 per month if they and their team can earn a minimum number of Leader in Action points per month.*  

This is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your team and solidify yourself as a true leader — a leader whose success brings success to their whole team — with an opportunity to earn a significant bonus for that success.

So, if you’re ready to start building success for you and your team, here’s how it works. To qualify for the 5-Star Depth Bonus, you must: 

  1. Qualify for the Executive Lifestyle Bonus 
  2. Personally earn a minimum of 40 Leader in Action points 
  3. Achieve a recognition rank of 5-Star Golden Circle or higher 

If you qualify for the 5-Star Depth Bonus, you can earn a $125 bonus when Members in your 32PET earn 20 or more Leader In Action points in one monthTo earn the $125 bonus on Members within your 32PET, they need a minimum of 20 Leader in Action points and 1 point in each category.

  • Enrolments and Personally Enrolled Rank Advancements are combined across Business Centres. 
  • 2PET enrolments cap at 20 across Business Centres. 
  • Active rank points cap at 16 for a four-week month or 20 for a five-week month across Business Centres. 

You can utilise Leader in Action reporting in your Back Office to gain visibility into your team’s progress. Simply log in to your Back Office, and navigate to Reports > Business > Promotions. The report will show as “5-Star Depth Bonus  32PET.” 

*For illustration purposes only. This example assumes the best-case scenarios during the promotion period and is not a guarantee. The ability to earn income under the Isagenix Compensation Plan depends on many factors, including an individual Isagenix Independent Associate’s business, social, and sales skills; personal ambition and activity; availability of time and financial resources; and access to a large network of family, friends, and business contacts. Isagenix cannot and does not guarantee any level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. For average earnings, refer to IsagenixEarnings.com.