20% PIB

Available through 29 December 2024
Earn 20% PIB on every new Customer purchase 

Welcome to an enhanced earning opportunity.

When your brand-new, personally enrolled Customer places their first order, no matter what they order, you’ll earn a one-time 20% Product Introduction Bonus (PIB). Which means no more ‘qualifying’ orders. No matter how your Customers choose to get started with Isagenix, you get rewarded! 

  • PIB is calculated based on the total of all shippable items, excluding shipping and tax

  • PIB is paid on the initial order only, not a recurring subscription order

  • We are NOT requiring members to enrol on Subscription Rewards to be eligible for the PIB

  • Enjoy full Business Volume (BV)

  • No qualifying order required to receive the 20% PIB

  • Only valid on Isagenix products that have BV attached to them

PIBs at a glance: 

When you enrol a new Customer in:
Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Puerto Rico
When you enrol a new Customer in:
Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan
You earn the new 20% PIB  You earn set PIB and DPIB amounts 


A: We are now paying a one-time bonus to every person who shares Isagenix with new Customers. Additionally, more than 95% of people who share will earn more with this new commission than the old PIB system. More people getting paid, and paid more for sharing products they love, it’s a win-win! 

A: Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

A: Yes!  If they enrol a new customer in a market that is participating, they will earn the 20% PIB.  

Important note: Associates must have an active international sponsorship to enrol a new customer outside of their home region.  You can access the region map and purchase an international sponsorship, in the orders section of the Associate Back Office.   

Example: Tim, who lives in Europe (not participating), enrols his friend John, who lives in the New Zealand (participating). Tim will earn the 20% PIB because John lives in a participating market.  

A: You earn 20% of the sales price amount after any discounts or coupons on shippable products, excluding taxes and shipping.

Example: Aaron enrols Nate in a participating market and the shippable product sales price, excluding taxes and shipping is US$175. Aaron will receive US$35 ($175 x 20%) as his PIB for enrolling Nate.  

A: Commissions will be paid on Mondays one week in arrears after the commission week closes. For example: You enroll a new Member on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023, and another on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023, you will receive these bonus payments on the commission paid out Monday, Jan. 16, 2023. 

A: When enrolling two or more in the same commission week in the United States, Puerto Rico , Canada, Australia and New Zealand you can not earn DPIBs.  The new 20% PIB does not double if multiple enrollments occur in the same commission week because every purchase of a shippable items is now a qualifying purchase.

When creating two or more qualifying enrollments in the same commission week in Europe, United Kingdom, Japan and Mexico you can earn the original PIB and DPIBs during this promotional period.

A: Yes. Starting 27 March 2023 BV will be discounted on orders that qualify for a 20% PIB. However QV, which determines active status, is independent of BV and will not be discounted.

Example: Sara enrols a new Member, Jessica, who places an order of $150 with 102 BV/QV during a 10% off promotion. The promotion will reduce her purchase price before taxes and BV by 10% to $135 and 92 BV, while QV remains at 102.

With 102 QV, Jessica placed a qualifying order.

Jessica’s order counts as a qualifying enrolment for Sara.

Sara’s enrolment counts towards Rank Advancements, Team Builders Club, etc. Sara and her upline receive 92 BV towards cycles.  

A: No, any new Customer order containing shippable products will qualify for the 20% PIB promotion. 

A: No, any new Customer order containing shippable products will qualify for the 20% PIB promotion. 

A: Your commission statement will reflect your PIBs each week. 

A: PIBs will be paid to the nearest penny.   

A: No. 20% PIB replaces the My Pack PIB.

A: PIB and Double PIB will show for new Customers who are enrolled in a market or country that does not have the 20% PIB promotion starting on Dec. 26, 2022. This includes Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Japan.

A: No. When a Customer orders retail from an Associate replicated website, retail direct profit is paid. If an Associate participates in the Customer Referral Program and receives a lead from a retail purchase through Isagenix.com, the Associate only receives the business volume from that order. In either scenario, a new Customer account is not being created, so a 20% PIB would not be paid. 

*Associates are eligible to earn a one-time 20% Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) whenever a new Personally Enrolled Member purchases from Isagenix directly at the time they enrol in participating markets. 20% PIB excludes any applicable discounts, coupons, credits, taxes, and shipping applicable to the initial order.

Members include Associates and Customers. Promotion rules are subject to change by Isagenix at any time without prior notice. Isagenix reserves the right to adjust or deny recognition or other awards to prevent or correct any attempts to circumvent the rules or to manipulate the promotion and to ensure the spirit of the promotion is achieved. Only valid accounts will count towards earning a PIB. Credit cards can only be used on a maximum of two accounts to earn PIBs. Promotional 20% PIB only paid on new customers who join in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.