Adventure Awaits!

Experience the enchantment of Bali, Indonesia!

Spend four nights savouring the local culture, giving back to the community, business training from remarkable trainers and be treated to luxurious retreat experiences in one of the most peaceful and spiritually uplifting regions in the world.

We’re only taking 20 qualifiers so the competition is bound to heat up! Keen to secure your spot?

The Prize

Return economy airfare (for one) to Bali from your nearest capital city in Australia or New Zealand
4 nights’ accommodation
On the ground hotel/airport transfers in Bali
 Give Back Experience
Amazing training opportunities and unforgettable experiences

Important Dates

Registration Period: Sunday 2 April (9:00am AEST) – Monday 24 April (1:59pm AEST) 2023
Contest Period: Monday 17 April (2:01pm AEST) – Monday 31 July (1:59pm AEST) 2023
Trip Dates: Tuesday 24 October – Saturday 28 October 2023

Competition Overview

Receive points by sharing Isagenix with as many new Customers as possible and help them to grow their business.

  • Be qualified for START (Between 18-35 years of age)
  • Reach a minimum of 40 Qualification points
  • Be a Top 20 Individual point-earner

The Contest


Introduce Isagenix products to your new Customers and help them share with friends and family too! You’ll earn points for new enrolments, personally enroled rank advancements and for maintaining your active rank. Points will starts accumulating from 2:01pm AEST, Monday 17 April 2023.


The Top 20 Individuals with the highest points total will win the trip! Remember, to claim your place on the trip you must reach your minimum individual 40 qualification points.

Here's How To Earn Points:

Enrolment Points
1 POINTS Your new personally-enrolled Customer orders 100-149 BV* and sets up Subscription at the time of joining
2 POINTS Your new personally-enrolled Customer orders 150-199 BV* and sets up Subscription at the time of joining
3 POINTS Your new personally-enrolled Customer orders 200+ BV* and sets up Subscription at the time of joining

Note: No more than 10 points can come from enrolments outside of Australia and New Zealand and enrolment points can only make up a maximum of 60% of your overall points total

Personally Enroled Rank Advancement Points
4 POINTS Develop a personally-enrolled Active Consultant for the first time
6 POINTS Develop a personally-enrolled Active Manager or Crystal Manager for the first time
10 POINTS Develop a personally-enrolled Active Director or Crystal Director for the first time
15 POINTS Develop a personally-enrolled Active Executive or Crystal Executive for the first time

Note: No more than 10 points can come from Rank Advancements outside of Australia and New Zealand

Active Rank Points
2 POINTS Maintain weekly active rank of Manager (Points per week)
8 POINTS Maintain weekly active rank of Director (Points per week)
15 POINTS Maintain weekly active rank of Executive (Points per week)

6-Week Call Series



Open to Australia and New Zealand Active Associates only. All times shown are in AEST. The contest begins 17 April 2023 (2:01pm AEST) and finishes 31 July 2023 (1:59pm AEST). To participate, your Isagenix position must be operated only by you (the legal name) and if applicable, your spouse (recognition name) to the exclusion of all other individuals. Participation constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions and any promotion rules, FAQs or guidelines posted and the decisions of Isagenix, which are final and binding in all matters related to the contest. Re-entry points will be calculated as part of the original organisation. The original Enrolling Sponsor will be awarded any eligible enrolment BV if a placement change occurs. Contest rules are subject to change. Isagenix reserves the right to audit, adjust or deny any volume, compensations, recognition or other incentives awarded during or as a result of this contest to ensure the spirit of the contest is achieved. All members are subject to standard compliance reviews both during and after the close of the contest; prizes may be withdrawn by Isagenix at any time. Outstanding compliance matters will affect eligibility for the final prize. All enrolments and product orders must be in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Policies and Procedures, available at Any person who attempts to manipulate the Compensation Plan or the contest or who otherwise attempts to circumvent the rules, forfeits any and all rights to points and to receive any prize and will be disqualified from the contest.

Prize is not transferrable, non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The value of non-monetary prizes may be reported as taxable income to the extent required by applicable law. Prize winners will be required to execute a Prize Acceptance Agreement and Release prior to receipt of any prize under the contest.


Participant agrees to follow all relevant local, state, territory, and federal government travel rules, restrictions, recommendations, and guidelines, as well as any rules and guidelines set forth by ISAGENIX, transportation providers, including airlines, hotels, and the Event venue. Participant understands that it is participant’s sole responsibility to be aware of, and agrees to follow, all public health updates, rules, and regulations for travel related with the Event. Participant understands and agrees that ISAGENIX is not liable in any way due to participant’s failure to comply with any and all government, venue, or travel restrictions. In the event that participant is not compliant, participant agrees to the forfeiture of any and all prize(s) related to this Event at participant’s sole expense.