Share Bonus

28 December 2020-24 January 2021

Share Bonus

Life’s better when we share it with others. The same goes for Isagenix.

Enrol new Customers and earn extra cash! 

When you enrol two or more new Customers in a month, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $100 — all for sharing and growing your business! 

Build Your Team 

Enrol 2 new Customers earn an EXTRA AU/NZ$50:  

When you help two new Customers join with 100 BV or more and enrol on Autoship during the January commission month, you’ll earn a $50 bonus.

Enrol 3 new Customers and earn ANOTHER AU/NZ$50: 

When you help three new Customers join with 100 BV or more and enrol on Autoship during the January commission month, you’ll earn aadditional $50 bonus, for a total of a $100 bonus.

What’s great about the Share Bonus is that you can still take advantage of all our other promotions where you can enrol new Customers. 


All Associates in Australia and NewZealand can participate in the Share Bonus. The promotion runs 28 December 2020-24 January 2021.

All new Customers must enrol on Autoship and an initial order of 100 BV or more to count toward this promotion. Only your new Personally Enrolled Customers count toward this promotion, and each Associate can only earn one bonus through this promotion. Both you and your new Customers must be Active at the end of the calendar month to qualify. This promotion is based off of a standard calendar month. Any cash received through the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan and promotions and the value of non-monetary prizes such as trips and gifts may be reported as taxable income. Please consult with your tax professional to ensure that income is properly reported.