Race to Paradise

Qualification Dates: 14 August— 16 October

Join the Race to Paradise promotion and pave your way to extraordinary adventures! Enrol and guide others in rank advancing through duplication in the Race to Paradise.

It all brings you closer to the ‘pura vida’ in Costa Rica!  

How to Kickstart This Thrilling Adventure:

  • Enrol new Customers on Subscription Rewards and motivate them to reorder products they love.
  • Help Customers upgrade to Associate—FREE for the first year—unlocking even greater possibilities.
  • Inspire your Personally Enrolled Members to rise alongside you with rank advancements.

Pro Tip: Team up with your 4 PET (Personal Enrolling Team) members, relay together and celebrate your success on the plush white sands and clear blue waters of paradise.

The finish line awaits—race towards your dreams! 

Timelines and General Information

  • Promotion Dates: 14 August 2:01pm —16 October 2:59pm 2023 AEST
  • Team Registration Dates: 14 August 2:01pm AEST — 28 August 1:59pm 2023 AEST
  • Participating Markets: US, PR, CA, AU, NZ, EU
  • Trip Dates: 14 December—17 2023

Team Requirements

  • Teams are 4 to 6 people
  • No more than 2 people can have the recognition rank of Director or above when registering a team
  • The team captain needs to register their team in their back office by Monday 28 August 1:59pm AEST
  • Team members must be in a participating market and in good standing. However, team activity can come from outside participating markets
  • Team members must be Associates


Promotion Rules:

Winning Teams
Winning Individuals
ANZ Top 3
EU Top 3
US, CA, PR Top 10 Top 10


  • Members on the Top Winning Teams must personally earn a minimum of 40 points each during the promotion period to win the trip.


Earn Points 3 Different Ways 

1. Enrolment:

  • Enrolments must be on Subscription Rewards to earn points. Enrolments can be outside of the participating markets.
  • Point values are based on Qualifying Volume (QV). 
100-149 1
150-299 2
300+ 3

2. New Customer Reorders

  • New Customer reorder points are awarded from reorders placed by new Customers who joined during the promotion period.
  • Reorders can be from a Wholesale or Subscription Rewards order.
  • Point values are based on QV. 
100-149 1
150-299 2
300+ 3


3. New Rank Advancements

  • Become for the first time or develop a personally enrolled Member to the following ranks: 
New Leadership Rank
Manager 6
Director 8
Executive 10
Circle Advancements
Silver 6
Golden 10
  • Rank Advancements can come from outside the participating markets.


Other Information

  • Credit cards can only be used on up to two accounts during the promotion.
  • Members can only be on one Race to Paradise team.
  • If Associates don’t have a team but wish to be on one, email a request to RaceToParadise@isagenixcorp.com. AU, NZ, and EU requests will be completed by 28 August. However, any points accumulated since 14 August will count.
  • All activity must happen within the promotion period.
  • Activity for Platinum accounts will be combined. 


A: No. team members must be from the same market. Markets are North America, Europe & UK, Australia & New Zealand

A: Only customers who join with 100QV or more on Subscription Rewards will count towards the promotion.

A: Reorders of 100QV or more from new customers who joined during the promotion period are counted. These can be either wholesale or subscription orders.  

A: You must individually earn at least 40 points during the promotion.  

A: Yes. There will be a report available in your Associate Back Office, under Reports, in the Business section.

A: No. You must be registered in order to view your accumulated points for the contest.

A: Your points will begin accumulating on 14 August. They will not be backdated to July 10.

A: No. You will only be competing with other teams in your market. This means Australia and New Zealand teams compete with each other, and Europe teams compete with each other for the top spots.

Updated: 5 September, 2023